Gallery L, Moscow
October 4 - 25th, 2001
An exhibition of art and music created by artists responding
to a world increasingly influenced by technology

The exhibition was designed as a series of presentations and lectures at:
. The Internet Cafe at The Russian State University for the Humanities
. The House of Journalists
. Gallery L

Conference at the House of Journalists:
CLICK HERE for the video conference
Nina Colosi, Producer/Curator evo1
Marty St. James
, Video & Digital Artist
Agnes Denes
, Environmental Artist
Christiane Paul
, Adjunct New Media Arts Curator, The Whitney Museum of American Art
John Klima, Internet Artist

Gallery L
Lubov Salnikova, Director.
Octayabrkskaya str. 26
Telephone - 289 24 91

For further information, contact:
Nina Colosi
New York City
Telephone - 646.425.0981

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For current projects & archives: TheProjectRoom.org (click here)