DIANA WALCZAK (Director) is a master of innovation known for her work as an artist, animation supervisor and film director. She specializes in directing computer animated characters best exemplified by the short film "Little Miss Spider"; large format stereoscopic projects such as "The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man," "Corkscrew Hill" and "Monsters of Grace"; and the Clio Award-winning commercial "Trophomotion." Before assuming the role of director, she served as animation director for the acclaimed television series "The Astronomers," as well as "The Luxor Trilogy," "Stargate" and "Judge Dredd." 

Diana Walczak studied engineering and computer science at Boston University, finishing with a degree in sculpture in 1985. After working as a medical illustrator and researcher, Diana was hired by Omnibus Computer Graphics to sculpt a superhero figure for a Marvel Comics animation test. In 1987, she partnered with Jeff Kleiser to form Kleiser-Walczak. 

In the early years of Kleiser-Walczak, Diana Walczak and Jeff Kleiser created award-winning experimental films. In 1988, "Sextone for President" marked the first appearance of a Kleiser-Walczak digital human. The following year Diana Walczak and Jeff Kleiser created their first female Synthespian performer, Dozo, for the music video "Don't Touch Me." Known for their milestone contributions to the evolution of computer-generated humans, Kleiser-Walczak coined the word Synthespian in 1989 to describe their studio’s animated 3-D characters that move with believably life-like motion. 

Diana Walczak is currently directing "Santa Lights Up New York," a 3-D stereoscopic film for Radio City Music Hall's "Christmas Spectacular."

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